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In 1961, the law No .80 had been issued and according to which Iraq
had restored the control over its land. 
The foreign oil companies had
granted the control only over the productive fields,so in order
Use the oil fortune, Iraq had established In 1964
  national oil company){INOC} and the  Exploration State
Directorate was one of its departments.

The directorate included two divisions
(Geophysical &Geology).

When the
  law No. 101 of the year 1976 had been issued the
directorate was changed to be
{the state establishment for Oil &Gas exploration}.

In 1987 the state establishmint had been changed to be an
administratively,financially and technically Independent state
company and it was named Oil Exploration Company {OEC}.

The main task of the company is to discover and evaluate, the new
hydrocarbon structures ,which is performed by an expert staff who

used the latest version of technologies in the fields of geology, seismic

Acquistion, interpretation , processing and laboratory researches &
analyses supported by an engineering legal, administrative and financial staff.

The first seismic crew of the company was formed in 1969 .
 it had started the first seismic survey usng the 2D technology
( which wasan advanced technology at that time ),  at (LOHAIS
and ALSOBBA areas) at
ALBASRAH province.

After that the Number of the crews has become more than 21
crews and the exploratory survey had achieved admirable results by

exploring hundreds of hydrocarbon structures and traps among which
(west alqorna, Majnoon, East Bagdad…etc). Many exploratory wells
were drilled to evaluate the explored areas.

In the beginning of Nineteen’s the company had started the use of the 3D technology and in 1999 athird crew was formed and started

the survey of Alahdab field as a Contractor for the account of the Chinees company (Alwaha).It is worthy to be mentioned that the

company had also started the use of computers in processing and interpretation of the data which was acquired from the seismic survey.

After the events of the year 2003 a real disaster has happened when  the equipments of the crews were destructed and looted.

Depending on the national  staff the company had put after the year 2004 many plans to rehabilitate itself.

Accordingly three seismic crews were rehabilitated to work at the fields of Gharaph &Nassirya (Thi Qar Province), and (Akaz) field

(Alanbar province). The company is working now to form two seismic crews (agricutural & amphibious) in order to cover the exploration activities in Iraq.

OEC  owns specialized national staff with a broad experience using a sophisticated  technologies a matter which make it among the best  companies capable to work in the region.

OEC activities are executed by the five main divisions and other departments as shown in the structure below.







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