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The response of OEC to the media concerning the “Earthquakes” that recently occurred in Dhi Qar province:


The response of OEC to the media concerning the “Earthquakes” that
recently occurred in DhiQar province:

 1- The reason of these earthquakes in general is resulted of the movement
of Tectonic Plates.Iraq is located on the north east Arabic Plates, this Plate
is moving in thedirection

 of the Iranian and Turkish Plates.

As a result of these collisions, stresses occur more than the tolerance of rocks
which are very downward depths estimatedby dozens of kilometers, which occur
breaks in these rocks and result a free energy.

It is a very large energy that spread as seismic waves in all directions so vibrations
occur in the medium in which they move and these ground motions are affected 
by the reflection of the earthquakes that strike Iran.

2- The operations and activity of OEC representing by seismic surveys and drilling of
exploratory and evaluation wells have nothing to do with earthquakes because 
the energy used     

to generate exploratory seismic waves using (dynamite and vibrators) is very weak and
not compared to the energy causing these natural phenomena.

These explosive materials and other energy sources are used by all the international
 companies working in the field of oil explorations. They are specially manufactured for
the seismic surveysoperations and generate a very simple seismic energy that does
not have any effect on the earthquakes, also the seismic surveys operations are close
to the surface of the earth and restricted by the application of safety rules when 
  working near surface and under surface facilities (oil pipelines and others).

3- The seismic surveys, exploratory or oiloperations included drilling or production are

 ongoing since the fifties of the last century till now and nogovernmental scientific 
  orresearch authority have ever indicated that they have anything to do with the
 which have taken place.

According to the above, and in response to what was published by Al- Furat News Agency
 and Al- Bayna Al- Jadida News paperconcerning the earthquakes, the OEC answered that
the operations and activity of OEC are nothing to do with the occurrence of 

earthquakes in Dhi Qar province which assure the residents near Al-Gharraf field 

and enlighten the public opinion about this.


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