Under the auspices of Mr. Engineer Jabbar Ali Hussein Al-Luiebi, the Oil Minister, with the support of Mr. Engineer Ali Maarij Al-Bahadli, the deputy of the head of the Parliamentary Energy Committee
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Under the auspices of Mr. Engineer Jabbar Ali Hussein Al-Luiebi, the 
Oil Minister, with the support of Mr. Engineer Ali  Maarij Al-Bahadli, 
the deputy of the head of the Parliamentary Energy Committee, and 
the local government of Missan Governorate, the activities of the 4th 
International Missan Exhibition and Conference of Energy, Construction
 and Investment held in Missan Governorate under the slogan
 "Our Oil .. Our Heritage .. Inexhaustible Energy" for the period from
 27-30 March /2017  with the participation of many international,Arabic
 and local companies on the MOC land and with the attendance of 
Mr.Engineer Kareem Hattab Jaafer, the DG of OEC, representing of the
 Minister of Oil and the members of Missan Governorate Council in addition 
to a large number of companies' heads, businessmen and those who are
 interested in the oil sector and energy fields.

Mr. Hattab talked about the necessity of continuing to hold such exhibitions 
in the future for making maximum benefit in supporting all the oil 
governorates and opening new economic horizons for international companies
 to view and invest which will develop the Iraqi economy.

He also said that "This conference is an international scientific event in the 
oil and energy sector in addition to its scientific and research importance 
through the researches presented in the conference which allow workers and 
those who are interested in oil and energy to view the latest scientific and 
technological developments.

The OEC had a special pavilion which reflected the activity and the reality 
of company's work and details of seismic crews operations and some 
samples of rocky pulp and oil extracted from the newly discovered fields 
which contributed in maximizing Iraq hydrocarbon reserve.

The Central Committee of Supporting Popular Gathering in the Ministry of 
Oil contributed actively in the exhibition which reflected the strong support
 of the Ministry of Oil to our heroes in popular gathering and our brave army
 and the active role of honoring the families of martyrs and wounded of the
 popular gathering and delivering the necessary assistance to the displaced 
people in the Nineveh Governorate through the presentation of some pictures
of the liberated areas highlighted the suffering of displaced families as a
of the criminal operations of ISIS terrorist organizations.

The exhibition included some of the technical activities which were presented
the closing ceremony of the exhibition and the distribution of certificates to
participating companies.